Emoji Behavior System

I think I can speak for most teachers when saying classroom behavior management can be one of the most difficult things in teaching! What may work for some students (and teachers) may be a disaster for others. It’s hard to master good classroom management, but I’m hoping this emoji behavior system I created can help!😃

I started out at the beginning of this school year with a whole-class behavior system that focused only on rewarding positive behavior. I am ALL for positive behavior rewards! Seriously! BUT…I quickly learned that students (at least my kinders) need to be accountable for their own behavior and other students shouldn’t be punished for the behaviors of other students. So I quickly realized that I needed something that would show individual student behavior! I had thought about just making green, yellow, & red cards and drawing a happy face, straight face, & sad face on them and placing them in library pockets that had the students’ names on them. Then my creative fiancé suggested emojis. I mean what kid doesn’t like emojis?! So that’s how this idea began.

The emoji behavior system is based on the same concept, but I have included different versions to better fit different classrooms and teacher styles! The emoji behavior system contains 4 emojis (behavior identifiers) that students can have during the day. The ‘happy face’ emoji is what each student starts the day on. If a student stays on the ‘happy face’ all day, that’s great! That means that they showed good behavior all day, followed the rules, listened, was kind, etc. If a student promotes to the ‘awesome face’ emoji, that means they showed awesome behavior all day, participated in class, followed ALL the rules, was a good friend, helpful, etc. If a student is moved to the ‘think about it face’ emoji, that means they need to rethink some of their behavior choices, they need to listen better, they need to follow directions, etc. If a student is moved to the ‘sad face’ emoji, that means they did not choose good behavior during the day, did not listen, did not follow directions, was not a good friend, etc.

I have also created monthly behavior calendars that travel back and forth to home so parents/guardians can see their child’s behavior for the day. My kinders have folders that they take home every night and I slide the monthly behavior calendar in the plastic sleeve on the back. There are two different versions of the behavior calendars that correspond to the versions of the behavior system! I’ve done behavior calendars in the past and sometimes they are just too time consuming! These calendars can easily be filled out by you or by the students-the students could color code the calendars based on their behavior. I found some awesome emoji stamps on Amazon that have these same emoji faces and I can quickly stamp them at the end of the day!

To go along with the emoji behavior system & monthly behavior calendars, I have also created anchor charts and motivational posters! These anchor charts are PERFECT to use when introducing the emoji behavior system & can easily be laminated and hung up for teachers and students to refer to! The motivational posters are just fun and encouraging posters that kids will love!

So there you have it! The emoji behavior system that I (& Mr. Kinderimpressions😉) put our blood, sweat, and tears in to create! In all honesty, I put a lot of time in this trying to create something that I thought other teachers would want in their classroom! I have this listed in my teacherspayteachers store now! All 3 (behavior system, monthly calendars, anchor charts & motivational posters) can be purchased separately OR I have them all bundled together for only $12! If this is something you think you’d be interested in then go check it out here! I would love to hear feedback and if you decide to purchase this, then be sure to take pics and tag me in them (@kinderimpressions) or send me pics (kayla@kinderimpressions.com) and I’ll upload them!

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Author: kaylakinderimpressions

I'm a 6th year kindergarten teacher! Teaching is the hardest job you'll ever love and I'm so thankful for mine!

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