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      Hi! I’m Kayla Sandlin and I’m a kindergarten teacher at a small school district in Southeastern Kentucky! Growing up, I always idolized my teachers. I would think to myself, “I want to be a teacher so I can write on the overhead (kids these days will never know the joy of being the student chosen to clean off the transparencies…sigh)…and I want to be a teacher so I can grade papers in RED pen, and drink coffee from a cool cup, and read stories to students in funny voices and the students be so engaged that they don’t make a peep!” And I also thought, “I want to be a teacher so I never have to do homework again and I can just give my students lots of homework and I can relax all summer!” Boy was I wrong!! Now, 6 years in, I actually don’t get to write on an overhead (I haven’t seen one of those things since about 8th grade😳). I don’t get to grade papers in red pen, *that’s so inappropriate these days*…but hello, FLAIR PENS! I DO get to drink coffee from a cool cup (I get approximately 5 a year as teacher gifts😉). And, heck yes, I DO get to read stories to my students kinders in funny voices and them be so engaged that they don’t make a peep listen as best they can with the attention span of a 5 year old! And honestly, that part about giving my students lots of homework and relaxing all summer…hilarious! I can assure you I have way more homework every night than my kinders and I don’t get to relax ALL summer! I mean, yeah, I totally enjoy the pool days, beach, sleeping till noon (or 11 or 9:30 or whenever I decide to wake up!) and binge watching Downton Abbey…BUT I’m always thinking and researching and planning how I can improve my teaching and classroom and be the best teacher I can be! I once saw a meme that said “if you ever want to know what a teacher’s mind is like, imagine a browser with 1,324 tabs open…all.the.time.”…so true! Even on summer break, a teacher’s brain never stops! It’s exhausting!

     So why take all this time to create a blog and try to make it in the teacher blogging and TPT world?! BECAUSE I LOVE IT! If i didn’t love my job, I would absolutely not put in the hours I have to try to make this blog, and try to make something presentable to post on TPT (also known as TeachersPayTeachers…best thing since sliced bread). I read the blogs, watch the videos, and buy the products of so many amazing teachers like Deanna Jump, DeeDee Willis, Elizabeth Hall (Kickin’ It In Kindergarten), Mr. Greg (The Kindergarten Smorgasboard), Michelle Ferre (Pocketful of Primary), Ashlyn Ellsworth (The Creative Classroom), Katie Mense (Little Kinderwarriors), Tara West (Little Minds at Work), Hope King (Elementary Shenanigans), Amy Lemons (Step Into Second Grade)……the list goes on and on! These are just some of my favorites that inspire me everyday in my classroom and career! Their blogs are amazing, their TPT products are incredible, and they are just awesome people who I love to look up to! So I thought, why can’t I create an inspiring blog that reaches other teachers and try to create products for TPT that can be useful and helpful in other classrooms besides my own? So here goes nothing! With the help of my amazing and creative fiancé, Eric (I’ll refer to him as Mr. Kinderimpressions⟶I mean he did come up with the name for the blog kinderimpressions😘), I’m going to try my hand at the blogging & TPT world (so be kind please😃)…if you have any questions or advice please email me at kayla@kinderimpressions.com, I’d love to hear from you!



Author: kaylakinderimpressions

I'm a 6th year kindergarten teacher! Teaching is the hardest job you'll ever love and I'm so thankful for mine!

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